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Lacey took a deep breath and released it slowly, stealing a moment to regain what little composure she had left. Kevin’s eyes remained trained on Lacey as though she owed him something. Had he forgotten the reason for this vacation? That they were supposed to be together celebrating her birthday? But because he couldn’t keep it in his pants, they’d broken up? Why did he want an explanation and what could she possibly say that would make sense? There was no way she’d tell him her real reason for kissing Drew. No, Kevin would relish the idea that she’d just used this unsuspecting stranger to prove she was doing great without him.

But before she could fumble through an explanation, Drew stepped in. He rolled his shoulders back and tipped his chin up just enough. “I’m her boyfriend.”

Lacey fought to keep the surprise from her face. “Right. Not that it’s any of your business. I see you brought…” She let her question trail off.

The bottle blonde flipped her hair off her shoulder and snapped a piece of gum between her teeth… classy. “Candi. My name is Candi.”

Of course it is. Drew squeezed Lacey’s hand, which she had completely forgotten he’d been holding. Standing her ground, she glared at Kevin. “Why are you here? This was my birthday getaway.… booked in my name.”

He shrugged. “I decided not to waste the ticket, and when I went to buy Candi’s, the plane was full, so we came in yesterday. Since the other resorts were booked, we chose this one. This was my vacation too.” How had she dated this egotistical and self-centered man for over a year? “Believe me, I never thought you’d come here without me. You’re not the type,” he scoffed, and his eyes trailed down to her hand, grasped firmly in Drew’s. “Looks like I may have misjudged you. Who knew you had it in you?”

What? An alarm bell sounded in her head. There was no way Lacey could continue her vacation at the same resort as Kevin. On the other hand, she wasn’t going to let him ruin her time. “Well, have fun. I know we will.”

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